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15 Sensational French Christmas Gifts I Found For You Online

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What do you give the Francophile in your life? What is the perfect gift for France-lovers?

A ticket to Paris would be great, but if you're looking for something slightly more modest, here are some of the best gifts from France online for your loved ones, to remind them of France and assuage their impatience while they wait to get here.

You'll find plenty here, from French bulldog gifts to French-themed Christmas ornaments, all lovingly chosen for those of you in search the perfect French gifts for friends and family.

It won't quite make up for the wait, but dreaming about a place we love is the first step towards going there, and these small reminders of La Belle France are the perfect French themed gifts for the francophiles in your life.

Let's Eat France!

I will shamelessly admit that this is one of my favourite books and one of the best gift ideas from France. Yes, it has won many prizes, but that's not why I love it.

It's large, you can put it on your coffee table, but beware, once the foodie in your life starts leaving through it, they won't be able to put it down.

It's part recipe book (with French cooking classics, of course) but it's also stuffed with biographies of France's most important chefs, descriptions of regional foods, guides to wine and cheese, and plenty of whimsical information you had no idea you needed to know.

Let's Eat France is the kind of book you can dip into for a minute or an hour, and if your friends or family don't have it on their Christmas list, then it should definitely be on yours.

L'Occitane Hand Creams

Winter and Christmas mean dry hands and what better to smooth them than a squeeze of that quintessential brand, Occitane?

This little collection is perfect: five different creams, depending on your mood – a perfect gift for your lover of France.

Anis de Flavigny

These are my favorite little candies in the world! I've eaten them since I was a child but – you have to like the taste of aniseed. They come in a variety of aromas and you'll find one of those little tins tucked away in many French purses or glove compartments.

I recently visited the factory – and it happens to be in the same village where the film Chocolat was shot (I've written about Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, the village, right here.) A few of these little metal boxes will instantly bring a smile to the Francophile in your life.

Baguette Christmas Ornament

The timing couldn't be better! On 1 December 2022, UNESCO gave the French baguette status as Intangible Cultural Heritage – not the baguette itself, but the know-how behind it, centuries of it! 

So if you're looking for French Christmas ornaments, this little baguette will celebrate the UNESCO listing in style, and remind you that a finely honed craft is worth its weight in gold – and make your tree extra-special. (Oh, and if you want to know more about the French baguette, here are some baguette facts you may not know.)

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Oven

The holiday season is a time for cooking, and no better way than to have a Le Creuset oven pot, the one my grandmother had (hers was black) and the one I have. Most French kitchens have a Le Creuset somewhere in their cupboard: it's our kitchen workhorse. Straight from France.

La Maison d'Armorine, Caramels de France

These melt-in-your-mouth caramels are made with salt from Guérande, the purest of purest sea salt crystals (read more about this special Guérande salt here). Made with butter, fresh cream and milk, sample the true taste of France (and you get to keep the Eiffel Tower tin!

French Country Diary for 2023

Tired of electronic calendars? Do you want to jot things down à la française?

This French country diary for 2023 let's you do just that in 52 Gallic weeks, in the company of lovely photographs and hints of the French countryside throughout, one stunning look at France each week.

If you're looking for French Christmas gifts for someone who loves but misses France, this is an old-fashioned and fun way of staying in touch with France, keeping track of the year's important events, and feeling inspired.

The 35th anniversary edition of the French Country Diary celebrates France with 52 weeks of Gallic style and romantic discovery. From an art-restorer’s cozy cottage in Provence to a sun-washed villa on the rugged coast of Normandy, every week reveals a memorable stop in La Belle France with gorgeous photography, design ideas, and travel inspiration.

French Bonjour Fashion Socks

These cute and comfortable socks will make great French novelty gifts – not to mention help improve your vocabulary.

Give these to the French teacher in your life, or to someone who needs a little nudge!

This is a five-pack and each pair is individually wrapped, so a single gift can be used to stuff several stockings.

Notre-Dame 3D Puzzle

Here's something that will walk you down memory lane: a 3D puzzle of Notre-Dame Cathedral the way it was before the fire that destroyed its spire and a large part of its roof.

There are plenty of French gifts for kids but trust me, you'll enjoy it too, and learn about the gothic cathedral and other Parisian architecture from the National Geographic booklet that comes with it.

You won't need any glue or additional tools... just put it together, all 128 pieces. Have fun!

Emma Bridgewater Handmade Paris Coffee Mug

Looking for original French gift ideas?

Emma Bridgewater is known for her Cities of Dreams mugs, which capture the wonderful feel of a city, in this case, Paris.

This handcrafted earthenware mug will remind you of the iconic buildings of Paris, its much-loved churches, shops, landmarks, and streets, one of those perfect French Christmas presents that is special because it is made by hand but also because it will keep your memories alive until your next visit.

Bamboo Cheese and Charcuterie Platter

France is all about cheese, more varieties than we can count! If you go to the trouble of buying the best French cheeses, you'll also want to make sure you're serving them properly.

This bamboo board with its hidden tray is made for both cheese and charcuterie and comes with cute little slate labels so that your guests will know exactly what they're eating.

It's the ideal French gift for her – OR for him!

Metal Wicker Bottle Holder

If you're looking for something unique, antique and very French, check out the Curiosités Françaises shop, where you'll find tons of items, often only one-of-a-kind, lovingly collected. If you like the idea of rummaging through a French brocante or flea market, this little shop is full of exactly what you'll find in one.

Café Du Château French Press 

We French are coffee lovers – all kinds of coffee, whether we drink it in a café or right after a home-cooked meal.

This is a serious coffee press: borosilicate glass so you can pour boiling water in without worries, surrounded by high-grade stainless steel. 

The makers of this French press are so sure of the quality of their product that they'll take it back if something goes wrong, throughout the product's life. 

Pré de Provence Luxury Soaps

Can't decide which scented soap to choose? Then get them all!

This set contains nine fragrances which will set you right in the heart of Provence – from Verbena and White Gardenia to Sweet Lemon or Sage.  

Visit the entire Pré de Provence shop for even more choices, not only of soaps but all sorts of French gifts for your favourite France lovers.

Close your eyes and you'll think you're surrounded by lavender fields...

For the French Bulldog Lover in Your Life

Have a French bulldog? Or looking for French bulldog lover gifts? Look no further than this mug! You know what to do.

Please note: Pages on this site contain affiliate links, which bring in a small commission and help Offbeat France buy its daily baguette.

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