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Your Comprehensive Lyon Travel Guide to the Best of the City

Published 09 October 2023 by Leyla Alyanak — Parisian by birth, Lyonnaise by adoption, historian by passion

Since I live near Lyon, I'm always adding to this section. What follows is a list of the most-read stories about Lyon on this site. You'll find an in-depth Lyon travel guide below the list.

Lyon is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in France. Often compared to Paris, a "smaller" Paris, Lyon has its own character and history, having taken a different trajectory from Paris.

Many visitors bypass this fabulous destination on their way from Paris to Provence − that is a mistake! Even if you only have a day, you won't regret a quick tour of the Old Town, a climb to the Basilica, lunch in a bouchon and a stop in a world-class museum.

It is, after all, the former capital of Rome in France, not to mention the gastronomical capital of the world.

Best things to do in Lyon

Here are some of my favorite things to do in Lyon, and the places I head to with friends when they come for visits:

The different facets of Lyon

Best time to visit Lyon

Beyond Lyon

Lyon is extremely central and you can get to many places from here:

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