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Le Petit Offbeat Shop for those of you who miss france

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If you're nostalgic for France or in the mood for something á la française, these items might just do the trick!

Or if you're seeing a Francophile friend or meeting up with a lover of all things French, you won't have to come empty-handed with one of these French style gifts.

Shop to your heart's content in Le Petit Shop, filled with great French gift ideas for any season (find Christmas gifts here) or occasion, from birthdays to weddings to special holidays like Mother's or Father's Day.

At home

The French lifestyle isn't something in isolation – we bring it into the home and we love to choose special items that mirror our culture or our environment. These handmade or special items are decorative, useful or both, but they are somehow evocative of France.

ceramic French bulldog in black
French bottle lamp

French nostalgia

Sometimes when we return home from a trip, we do our best to hang onto our memories of the wonderful time we had. Here are a few items that might help you do just that – remember.

blue ceramic plate
chat noir poster

In the kitchen

france-shaped chopping board or cheese board

Wellness, beauty and fashion

french earrings
French retro scarves

Books to read

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