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Best cool and quirky links and stories about france

Welcome to this links and stories page! Whether you've landed here from Instagram or any other way, this is where you will find stories about France, as well as a peek at the more unusual facets of my country.

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Mortar and pestle Dijon mustard - IG post

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This site, Offbeat France, is dedicated to showing you France behind-the-scenes, all those quirks and foibles you won't find in your basic 'top 10' and 'best things to do' lists. Yes, I DO provide some of these (I mean, you DO want to know about them, right?) but that's not my focus. I want you to walk away from this site with one single thought: "I didn't know that!"

If that happens and you learn something new about France or the French, we will have made each other happy.

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