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Published 25 November 2023 by Leyla Alyanak — Parisian by birth, Lyonnaise by adoption, historian by passion

This site has plenty of information about destinations, about we the French (and our foibles), and about our history and culture. But sometimes there are things that don't anywhere else but that are a part of everyday life here: this is where you'll find them.

Going to the market

Even the smallest towns in France have a weekly market, and while we often go to the supermarket, we haven't lost our market habit. I have two markets a week in my town: I go to one for my fish, and to the other for my cheese.

We also have a passion for flea markets, and can spend many a Sunday in summer rummaging through these semi-professional stands.

Made in France

France is very proud of its know-how, whether handicrafts or technology, and real trade and artistry is often protected by laws.


Weird things

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