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Made in France: Creations, Crafts and Creativity

Handmade gloves - French handicrafts

French creators come from all walks of life and handmade goods, from luxury leathers to jewelry and traditional textiles are an intrinsic part of French traditions, many of them recognized around the world.

France makes a multitude of goods that are recognized as being of outstanding quality or originality or both, for example:

France creates or manufactures so many goods they cannot all be listed but take these other examples, in no particular order: porcelain, fashion, of course, kitchen utensils, traditional straw rugs, leather goods, jewelry, beauty products, cast-iron cooking utensils, berets, espadrilles, soaps, glassware and of course, food products (but more about those here)

Beyond the great artists who have populated this country's history stand the artisans, the thousands of craftsmen and women who dedicate their lives to a specialty which can be every bit as rewarding as what is considered art (and to be clear, the line between artist and artisan can be very thin indeed).

Would you not consider the fabulous frescoes of Lyon to be art? What about street art? Or an Hermès handbag? Or these incredible architectural rings (below) designed by Philippe Tournaire from Montbrison? Is all this not art?