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Your Essential Paris Travel Guide: Top Tips for Every Traveler

Published 25 November 2023 by Leyla Alyanak — Parisian by birth, Lyonnaise by adoption, historian by passion

I was born in Paris but live near Lyon, so I only visit the capital a few times a year. Still, I am anything but blasé − on the contrary, I'm still starry-eyed and in discovery mode in Paris, and armed with map and notebook, I become an inveterate explorer. 

What do you think of when Paris is mentioned? Culture, history, romance, food? All of the above?

What follows is a look at Paris from a variety of angles, some of the more famous attractions and some lesser-known ones, along with practical advice to make your Paris visit better and smoother.

Given my mission to guide you around the offbeat, I'll also be adding those people, places and things that don't often get a mention!

Cool Paris attractions

Here are some of my favorite things to do or see in Paris, from major attractions to those that are a little more hidden away.

Best time to visit Paris

Paris may always be a good idea, but some seasons are better ideas than others!

Haunted Paris

Discover the haunted side of Paris, from burial places to eerie underground venues, where you're bound to run into legends of ghosts and spirits.

Where to stay in Paris

If you're looking for something different...

Safety in Paris

Beyond Paris?